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 "Sexy 70's chasing" Story line

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PostSubject: "Sexy 70's chasing" Story line   Tue 15 Mar 2011, 15:55

i would like that you guys give me some ideas or coment the story.

Also this video is gonna be a mixture of action and comedy.

Story line
The movie maker gets out of his house and goes see his mailbox, and notices a package, and he opens it and finds a check inside with 100 bucks, two personel appear in his front and ask what is gonna do with that money.
MM:I'm going to make a not verry expensive movie.
One Month later....
Every one is in the movie theater.
*Black screen and porno groove music starts playing*
A car stops on the side of the road (a yellow mustang).
A guy wearing a tuxedo and 2 body guard come out of the car.
They enter a hotel and climb the stairs.
Tux guy knocks a door.
The main character opens and they get inside.
Tux guy: So Jimmy you got the goods?
MC: Yes, its on that briefcase over there.
Tux guy opens the briefcase and sees nothing inside.
Tux guy: Hey, what is this?
MC: Im never giving you my money never!!
*Cops music starts playing*
The MC runs againt the windows
Instead of the main charater falling we use one of those dummy, and when he drops on a trash can bin, the image show the MC moving foward.
The MC runs to a his car and turns it on and drives away.
Same with the bad guys and the movie starts to be a car chasing.
After hitting some crap in the chase the end up in a road in the desert.
Then the guard starts shooting at the MC car.
*Shows guard shooting with a revolver*
*Then shows MC car*
*Shows guard shooting with a SMG*
*Shows MC car*
*Shows guard shooting with MG*
*Shows MC car*
*Shows guard shooting with a minigun*
Then the MC spots unfinished bridge with a wood plank ramp.
And the MC goes for it then that epic side camera view
And the bad guys stay on the other side of the bridge and for some reason the bridge explodes and the bad guys die.

The End.(of the cheap movie)

*Shows people in the cinema room*
Back voice: The fuck was that shit?


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"Sexy 70's chasing" Story line
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