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 Flash Script

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PostSubject: Flash Script   Thu 25 Nov 2010, 10:46

*Someone locked in a room
*A tv opens and you can see Saw's face
Saw: Wanna play a game?
Character: Hmmm, what kind of game?
Saw: Yes or No?
Character: 20 bucks and I will play
*20 bucks appear
Character: No, come and give them by your self
Saw: Do you want those 20 bucks?
Character: Yes I will take them, now 20 more bucks but this time come and give them by your self
Saw: Jesus...
Character: So you are christian?
*Saw comes with a small bike
*Character pulls out a pistol and shots saw in the head
Character: Bitch, in the 21st Century guns exist.


I don't think it's pretty good, any ideas?
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Flash Script
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